Re: PES Associations Football

12 Ago 2013, 21:45 [#582]
Estou devastado. Acabei de fazer login e perdi um Tiago Silva por 3 épocas a 2,900 coins :( Perguntem ao SérgioMatos que ele viu. A data limite era amanhã às 02:00 e fui lá agora e tinha desaparecido. Meti uma mensagem no fórum do PES-AF e agora estou à espera de resposta :(

Re: PES Associations Football

10 Fev 2014, 17:14 [#591]
PES AF - Facebook Escreveu:Dear Managers,

It is with regret we have to inform everyone that PES – Association Football will be retired as of April 7th, 2014, with the last League and Cup matches taking place on March 23rd.

We apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience this will cause.

Everyone involved in the creation of PES-AF wishes to thank our dedicated fans for their help in growing and shaping the game - we truly appreciate it. We do hope that you will continue to play and enjoy the game until its closure.

In anticipation of the game’s retirement we have immediately disabled Coin purchases. Any Coins currently owned can be used until the game closes. More details will be made available from the Community Management team shortly via our social channels.
Thank you for playing PES - Association Football.

The PES - Association Football Team
:'( :'(