Reganio Arrives in Portugal

22 Out 2014, 20:52 [#1]
With so many DTL Legends coming out of the woodwork, it was only a matter of time before we seen the enigma himself land in Portugal.

The white mowhaked Reganio has arrived and will surely light up the DTL Portugal with his explosive skill, and hair brighter than the sun.

Reganio has done it all, and won it all, and thrown in several hilarious memories along the way.

Bursting on to the scene midway through The Order of The Serpent's Championship winning season. Sion hailed Reganio for his contribution on the pitch, as well as off it, and crowned the then unknown lad as his 'protégé'.
Sion Escreveu:"Reganio is a rightly a legend within the game. I signed him from the Liverpool youth set up and watched him flourish at The Order. He took little instruction, and everything he touched turned to gold. Not to mention everything he said was also comedy gold.

After the Tugas game he sent me a text to congratulate me on getting my second goal in as many games. I replied back telling him to get his ass to Portugal. 20 minutes later he called to say his flight was booked."
It is believed that there are a few clubs slugging it out to win the signature of the Mercurial midfielder, but at this time he and his agent remain tight lipped.

Wherever Reganio ends up, one thing is for sure; The DTL Portugal is far richer with this massive inclusion.

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