02 Nov 2014, 11:48 [#1]
The tv camera's are rolling inside Tigres conference center. Reporters, Bloggers and Media a like are all assembled to see what is about to unfold. The flickers of camera flashes begin to light up the back drop as Team Captain and acting manager Smatos appears. He walks out onto the platform and begins to sit at a seat as other ranking officals of Tigres follow suit filling up the seats.

Smatos- Thank you all for coming here today. We have assembled you all here today so you can inform our fans and people across the world that it is with a heavy heart i must resign from the post of acting manager.

the room fills with noise as reporters talk frantically to one another in shock. the camera flashes going off inside the room like a bright lightening. Smatos takes a moment before leaning into the mic once more.

Smatos-After much consideration I came to this decision. It was not a easy decision to make. for my heart resides here with Tigres but i must put this great club before myself. This club has done some great things many of which have been over shadowed by our poor start but i believe that we can go on to shock people once more, i believe we can be better than the underdog , i believe in Tigres.

Reporter- Why are you resigning at this early point of the season?

Smatos- It was a personal choice...but this is not about me so please hold all your questions as i am here to announce our new manager.

The room once more is engulfed in a frenzy. people can be heard talking on their phones. the camera's now all fixed upon Smatos and the team of men with him. Smatos stands up from his seat lifting the microphone with him.

Smatos- It is my great pleasure to announce our new manager..........MARCO VEDDI!!!

Marco comes out from behind the curtain. the crowd going crazy. Marco Veddi then takes the mic off Smatos and walks to the front of the tables and begins to speak as the room begins to hush.

Veddi- First of all please let me thank you Smatos for giving me this opportunity.

Smatos just bows his head as Veddi turns to face the media. he scans them left and right before raising the mic to his mouth again.

Veddi- So who wants to kick start this circus?

Reporter 1- Marco! This all seems very sudden. I mean you are here in the portugese DTL no longer than a month and now you have been appointed manager?

Veddi- Valid point, but since I've arrived I have been looking at this team from a managers perspective. I have been quietly looking at each of my teammates strenghts and weakness. I have been looking at the code this team follow. As this is a very close knit club with alot of potential for growth both on the pitch and to develop future talent off the pitch. But most importantly for the fans I have been looking at this from a tactical stand point as well and i do believe we can play alot better than we have shown.

Reporter 2- Now that your in the managers chair what's your first order of business?

Veddi- Well like any of the worlds massive clubs you need a solid foundation to build upon. right now Tigres foundations are just settling in so this club will have a little breathing and swaying from time to time but i intend to bring this under control and really build strong lasting foundations that will allow this club to develop and grow for the future.

Reporter 3- What changes can we expect to see under your reign?

Veddi- Well I'm a fair guy, I believe in giving everyone a fair chance. but mark my words if you are here just to collect a wage and dont have pride in the shirt. you wont be a Tigres be a player for very long.

The message begins to resonate around the room. Veddi standing holding the mic is scanning the room from left to right when another question is fired at him from the back of the crowded room.

Reporter 4- You seem to have some changes in mind for the dynamic of the team should we expect further changes outside the club.

Veddi- Good question. Myself and Sion have always been keen on developing young talent. I am currently rearranging my backroom staff to reflect the direction im taking this club in. I will be making an annoucement shortly regarding these changes.

Reporter 5- You mention Sion. he has been one of this teams highlights of this season. giving your relationship with him how are things going to be now that your in charge?

Veddi- Seriously you media guys always looking for some drama. why dont you go home pop on your favourite coco cucumber face mask and watch some keeping up with the kardashians.

there are laughs from around the room as Veddi looks at him with his stare making him uncomfortable.

Veddi- Well strap in for this is a bombshell. Sion and I are on talking terms. the bridges are being built and he is a key part of my plans for the future.

Reporter 6- So what should we expect for the next game?

Veddi- We are going head to head with a tough team. very well organised. They play very attractive football but we are going be showing a different side to us than we have. This is the time for us to find our mojo. we have played well in 3 out of our 4 games but we have had a leak in our defence that has undone all our hard work. Next week i'm confident we can keep a clean sheet.

now if you dont mind I've got some paperwork to finalise.

Marco stands up leaving the room as camera's flicker as he exits the room in a media whirlwind.


06 Nov 2014, 13:29 [#9]
Reganio Escreveu:If Marco and Sion can be best friends, wars could be ending... I'm not sure if it's the first sign of World peace or the apocalypse.
pdomingues Escreveu:Good job. I like to see this works, and it's works like this that DTL needs to continue to grown ;)

Only time will tell boys........ 8)