Reganio Speaks!

06 Nov 2014, 11:52 [#1]
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Once considered the quiet man, Reganio quickly had to be heard. Brought into the footballing world by friends at the time Marco Veddi and Sion before the 2 men had a big falling out and Reganio quickly became the go to man. We here at are privileged to get a rare interview with the man himself.

Reporter: Reganio we know you are a man of few words, what made you partake in this interview?
Reganio: The fans.

Reporter:...... Ok *puzzled exasperated look spreads across his face*
Reganio: I'm only playing, basically I just wanted to get my name out there in the Portuguese world so they realise what they are in store for.

Reporter: What would that be then?
Reganio: Excitement, charisma a will to win and some absolutely great sessions of drinking.

Reporter: We look forward to it so! Well tell us about your first experiences as a footballer.
Reganio: Well it was a pretty turbulent start, I had signed up to play for The Order Of the Serpent under then manager Sion, but had to wait a couple of months for the transfer window to open before I could play. During that time Sion had left and before I'd even kicked a ball i was manager of the team, long story short we ended up winning the league and everybody was happy.

Reporter: Impressive! So what have you been doing since the league went down?
Reganio: Well I was still very young at the time, so I basically went out to love my life, I was a professional wrestler at one time, was elected taoiseach of Ireland, became the face of fifa even though I was retired at the time. Then of course the parties.... The many many parties.

Reporter: sounds like a life well lived, why come back now?
Reganio: That footballing itch never leaves and I'm.still young enough having just turned 25 and I still keep in touch with Sion who told me that Portugal could do with my presence so I signed for Nocturnos Fc and they seem like they have a few good lads so I'm excited to finally get out on the grass again. In my new position of defensive midfielder but still with that same flair and passion and terrible tackling, will be an exciting time, I hope the Portuguese people are ready for me.

Reporter: Well even if they are you still manage to surprise, we will leave it there so, and all of us at Rte wish you the best of luck.
Reganio: Slán go fóill.

All facts are a little hazy it was a long time ago but mist of it is fairly right :D